Now accepting reservations:

The current wait time for a labradoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of Oct 2020.

Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1Sherri W. 

2.  Jenna C. 

3.  Tara A.

4.  Kevin C.

5.  Janet P.

6.  Dilys K.

7.  Michele J.

8.  Moniqua G.

9.  Maria D.

10.  Melissa M.

11.  Tara G.

12.  Kristy J.

13.  Erika N.




For 2020 we have the following litters planned but not guaranteed, just depends on timing:

     Australian Labradoodles


Belle and Benson have honeymooned again.  Assuming the honeymoon was successful their puppies will be due around Dec 2, 2020.  Their last litter produced chocolate parti puppies so we are expecting the same and hopefully some solid chocolates as well.  These puppies will be small medium size maturing to be about 30lbs as adults. 



Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

The current wait time for a bernedoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of Oct 2020

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick x2

1.  Alyssa W. 

2.  Sherri W.  

3.  Nicole H.

4.  Whitney M.

5.  Kendra Z.

6.  Tara A.

7.  Jo-Anna R.

8.  Sara M.

9.  Kaitlin L.

10.  Corrie R.

11.  Brooke L.

12.  Kathy M.

13.  Moniqua G.

14.  Dilys K.

15.  Amanda P.

16.  Paisley M.

17.  Erika N.

18.  Scott M.