Now accepting reservations:

The current wait time for a labradoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of Jan 2021

Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1Sherri W. 

2.  Jenna C. 

3.  Michele J.

4.  Moniqua G.

5.  Carol V.

6.  Dale C.

7.  Kim T.

8.  Dawn K.

9.  Patricia W.

10.  Loti K.

11.  Katie B.

12.  Callee N.

13.  Jessica L.

14.  Dhiviya T.

15.  Dan K.

16.  Laurie B.

17.  Meagan O.

18.  Andrea H.

19.  Diane E.

20.  Tim and Katherine B.

21.  Matthew B.




For 2021 we have the following litters planned but not guaranteed, just depends on timing:

     Australian Labradoodles


Millie and Timber have honeymooned!  This will be Millie’s first litter and we can’t wait to meet her first puppies with our gorgeous stud muffin Timber.  These puppies should be 25-30lbs as adults and will be red and caramel and will hopefully have some splashes of white.  Assuming the honeymoon was a success, these puppies should arrive around July 13, 2021.


Mabel and Rocky

Mabel and Rocky have honeymooned!  Mabel’s gorgeous black phantom markings and Rocky’s silver tri color markings with lots of white and tan should produce some gorgeous traditional tri colour bernedoodles and some beautiful phantom bernedoodles.  These will be multi gen bernedoodles and should mature to be about 50bs as adults.  Assuming they had a successful honeymoon, puppies should arrive around July 16, 2021.


Penny and Jake have honeymooned!  This may be Penny’s retirement litter and we will miss having her in our program but she has earned her retirement and will enjoy living out her days with her buddy Gus and her humans Cathy and Mike.  Penny and Jake always give us beautiful F1 bernedoodles that mature to be about 40-55lbs as adults.  If they had a successful honeymoon, their puppies will be born around July 28, 2021.  For adoption info, visit our adoption page here.

Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

The current wait time for a bernedoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of Jan 2021.

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick x2

1.  Alyssa W. 

2.  Sherri W.  

3.  Kaitlin L.

4.  Kathy M.

5.  Moniqua G.

6.  Dilys K.

7.  Paisley M.

8.  Erika N.

9.  Scott M.

10.  Donna G.

11.  Tina M.

12.  Holly P.

13.  Debbie C.

14.  Dale C. 

15.  Shawn L.

16.  Brenda M.

17.  Melanie S.

18.  Shirley W.

19.  Loti K.

20.  Cam T.

21.  Danielle G.

22.  Donna M.