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Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1.  Kendra Z. - Medium

2.  Alexandra F. - Mini/Medium

3.  Chelsey G. - Mini/Medium

4.  Crissy R. - Mini/Medium

5.  Dorian M. - Mini/Medium 

6.  Patricia M. - Mini/Medium

7.  Andrew M. - Mini/Medium

8.  Leslie C. - Mini/Medium

9.  Debbie L. - Mini/Medium

10.  Shannon W. - Mini/Medium

11.  Kristy H. - Mini/Medium

12.  Nora J. - Medium

13.  Shauna P. - Mini/Medium

14.  Sherri W. - Mini/Medium

15.  Stephanie G. - Mini/Medium

16.  Vikki H. - Mini/Medium

For Spring/Summer 2018 we have the following litters planned but not guaranteed, just depends on timing:

Australian Labradoodles

Lexi and Nixon-Lexi and Nixon have honeymooned!  With any luck, puppies will be born around May 18, 2018.  These Australian Labradoodle puppies should be 35-45 lbs as adults.  We are expecting lots of chocolate - yum!  I’m hoping for some parti’s too but don’t know for sure Lexi can produce parti’s.  So it’ll have to be a surprise!  

Roxy and Benson - Roxy and Benson have honeymooned.  Puppies will be due around May 29, 2018.  This adorable couple wil have reds and caramels with splashes of white and should mature to be 25-30lbs as adults.  This is the second litter from this couple and if it is anything like their first litter, they will be outstanding!

Luna and Fletcher - Small medium Australian Labradoodle pups should be 30-35 lbs as adults.  Next litter will be fall 2018.


Rumor and Cooper - Medium size Australian Labradoodles in reds and caramels and creams.  Honeymoon to take place in May/June 2018.


Juno and ? - We plan to breed Juno in the Summer of 2018 but have not decided who the lucky fellow will be.  Possible options are Nixon or Jasper but will decide once the day gets closer.



Daphne and Gary - Daphne and Gary have honeymooned and we couldn’t be more excited about our first ever litter of Multi-Gen (Bernedoodle x Bernedoodle) bernedoodles.  Puppies should arrive around June 5, 2018 and with any luck they will all be Tri-Colored.  I guesstimate that these puppies should be 30-40 lbs as adults.  We are accepting deposits on this as well as future bernedoodle litters.


Mitzy and Jake - Mitzy and Jake will honeymoon again, likely around June of 2018.  Their puppies will be Australian Bernedoodles and historically her litters have been half tri-colored, and half phantom.  They will be about 40-50 lbs as adults.


Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick

1.  Emily W. 

2.  Shauna P. 

3.  Jim T.

4. Brenda M.