Now accepting reservations:

The current wait time for a labradoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of July 2020.

Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1Sherri W. 

2.  Jenna C. 

3.  Sherry A.

4.  Jason K.

5.  Holly A.

6.  Tara A.

7.  Kevin C.

8.  Mona R.

9.  Janet P.

10.  Corrie R.

11.  Brianne O.

12.  Dilys K.

13.  Tracey S.

14.  Michele J.

15.  Moniqua G.

16.  Mark S.

17.  Rebecca G.

18.  Ashley Y.





For 2020 we have the following litters planned but not guaranteed, just depends on timing:

     Australian Labradoodles

Harlow and Timber have honeymooned!  This is the first pairing of these two and we are expecting some stunning puppies in reds and caramels and partis.  Puppies should be 25-30lbs as adults with soft fleece non shedding coats.  Puppies are due around Sept. 22, 2020.





We are excited to announce our first litter of F1B Australian bernedoodles.  Mabel and Jasper have honeymooned!  We expect these two to produce tri’s and phantom’s.  Mabel and Jasper both have amazing coats so these puppies coats should be outstanding, non shedding fleece.  A guesstimate for their adult weight would be 40-50lbs but being their first litter together, this is just a guesstimate.  I’m super excited to see puppies from these two!  Puppies are due around Sept. 17, 2020.

Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

The current wait time for a bernedoodle puppy is 6 months to a year as of July 2020.

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick x2

1.  Alyssa W. 

2.  Sherri W.  

3.  Carole K.

4.  Morgan B.

5.  Crystal C.

6.  Nicole H.

7.  Whitney M.

8.  Kendra Z.

9.  Tara A.

10.  Jo-Anna R.

11.  Breanne F.

12.  Sara M.

13.  Kaitlin L.

14.  Corrie R.

15.  Lindsay J.

16.  Lidia P.

17.  Brooke L.

18.  Tracey S.

19.  Kathy M.

20.  Moniqua G.

21.  Dilys K.

22.  Amanda P.