Now accepting reservations:

Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1.  Kendra Z. - Medium

2.  Alexandra F. - Mini/Medium

3.  Chelsey G. - Mini/Medium

4.  Crissy R. - Mini/Medium

5.  Dorian M. - Mini/Medium 

6.  Patricia M. - Mini/Medium

7.  Andrew M. - Mini/Medium

For Spring/Summer 2018 we have the following litters planned:

Lexi and Nixon-pups should be 35-45 lbs as adults

Luna and Fletcher-pups should be 30-35 lbs as adults


Roxy and Benson-pups should be 25-30lbs as adults


Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick

1.  Brenda W.  

2.  Elsbet K. 

3.  Alicia F. 

4.  Rob S.

5.  Troy H.