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Our Current Waiting List for Labradoodles:

Breeder Pick x2

1.  Kendra Z. - Medium

2.  Sherri W. - Mini/Medium

3.  Tara B. - Mini

4.  Danielle W. - Mini/Medium

5.  Sarah W.

6.  Lori M.

7.  Jenna C.

8.  Alida S.



For early 2020 we have the following litters planned but not guaranteed, just depends on timing:

Australian Labradoodles

Belle and Benson have honeymooned!  Turned out that Benson is the lucky fellah for Belle.  These two will have chocolate puppies and hopefully there will be some parti’s too.  They will be mini to small medium size, non shedding fleece coats.  Their puppies will be due around April 13, 2020.  We are accepting deposits on this as well as our upcoming litters.


Roxy and Timber will honeymoon this spring.  We’ve been waiting to get these two together so hopefully love is in the air this spring!  These two will produce gorgeous red mini’s that will have wavy non shedding fleece coats.  They are just the cutest couple and we can’t wait to hopefully finally meet some puppies from these two!  Keep your fingers crossed.


Cali and Nixon will honeymoon in the spring.  This will be Cali’s first litter and we can’t wait to meet her her puppies.  Cali is a granddaughter of Ana’s so her puppies should be nothing short of amazing!  These two should produce lots of chocolate, medium size, non shedding puppies!  We are accepting deposits on this and our other upcoming litters.  Visit our Adoption Page for more information.




Daphne and Gary have honeymooned.  Their past litters have been amazing, producing all tri colors including one parti tri color in each litter.  Their puppies tend to mature to be about 50-60 lbs as adults and very minimal to non shedding.  We are accepting deposits on this as well as our other bernedoodle litter from Penny and Jake which will be born this summer.  Visit our Adoption page litter for more info.


Penny and Jake will once again honeymoon early this summer.  They always give us gorgeous F1 bernedoodle is tri colors and bi colors.  Their puppies tend to mature to be about 35-50 lbs as adults and are also very minimal to non shedding.  We are accepting deposits on this litter as well as our other bernedoodle litter from Daphne and Gary.  Please visit our Adoption page for more information.

Our current waiting list for Bernedoodles:

Breeder Pick

DD Breeder Pick x2

1.  Alyssa W. 

2.  Sherri W.  

3.  Sarah W.

4.  Christy C.