We are excited to welcome Belle to the DD family.  She joined our family in late 2019 and has fit in like she has been here her whole life. She is an nice mini size with a perfect thick wavy coat that is a milk chocolate parti color.  She is the most affectionate doodle you will ever meet!  Belle came to us from Doodlelane.  We are excited to meet puppies from Belle in early 2020!


Harlow 2

Hello Harlow! Harlow is a gorgeous medium girl out of our very own Luna and Fletcher.  She looks big in this picture but she is a nice smaller medium sized girl.  She has a gorgeous caramel fleece coat, that is non shedding.  Harlow loves to give hugs, it’s the cutest thing!  She lives with her guardian family Chris, Sue, Owen and Brianne and her doodle friend Willow, aka Lily who is a rising star here at Davidson Doodles.



Introducing Cali!  Cali has passed all of her health testing and we are looking forward to meeting puppies from her in 2020.  Cali is a gorgeous chocolate phantom for our very own Juno and Jasper.  She has a perfect non shedding fleece coat and is a nice small medium size.  She live with her guardian home in Redwater.  


Say Hello to Daphne!  Daphne is our first Bernedoodle to be added to the Davidson Doodles program. She is an F1 Bernedoodle out of our very own Mitzy.  She is about 50 lbs on non-shedding cuteness.  She has passed all of her health testing and we are planning on puppies from her in 2018.  She will be a perfect mate for Gary, our F1B bernedoodle.  Together they will produce all tri colored, multi generational bernedoodles.  We can’t wait!


PennyIntroducing Penny the poodle!  Penny came to us from Rocky Mountain Berendoodles all the way from Colorado specifically for our Bernedoodle program.  Penny is a black and white moyen poodle and carries the markings to produce tri colored bernedoodles.  Penny lives with Cathy in a guardian home in Edmonton.  Penny has passed all her health testing and had her first litter of F1 bernedoodles!  Way to go Penny!



Marvellous Mabel is our beautiful phantom Australian bernedoodle from Mitzy and Jake.  She weighs about 45 lbs and has a soft non shedding wavy fleece coat.  Mabel lives in a guardian home with a menagerie of other animals and her mom Danita.  Danita describes her as sweet, cuddly, loves everyone, and of course she is smart!  We are looking forward to puppies from Mabel in 2020!



Davidson Doodles Benson is out of our very own Luna and Fletcher.  He is a perfect sized boy, small medium size with a fleece coat that is such a gorgeous red color.  Benson lives in a guardian home just around the corner from us.  They love him to pieces and he loves them right back!  Benson has passed all of his health testing and we are looking forward to puppies from him in 2017.  Wecome to the family Benson! 



Davidson Doodles Nixon is out of our very own Mitzy and Murphy litter from the fall of 2015.  He is a big love with a nice chocolate and white fleecy coat.  He is a small medium size.  Nixon has passed all of his testing and we are expecting puppies from him in August 2017.  Nixon will be a great addition to our program.  Nixon lives with his Wheaton buddy Cooper and his humans Dana and Greg where he is loved on and spoiled.  Welcome to the family Nixon!



Jasper is the newest stud muffin to join the DD family.  He is the son of our amazing Lucy who is now retired.  He is a medium tri colored chocolate parti boy and he has passes all of his health testing.  We are looking forward to puppies from him in August of 2018.  Jasper is living with his mom Lucy with Ken and Karen and the boys!



Introducing Timber!  He comes to us from Signature Labradoodles in Oregon.  He has adorable markings and a soft fleece coat.  He will mature to be 20-25lbs as an adult.  He has passed his health testing and we look forward to some puppies from this handsome guy in 2020.  Timber was named by his guardian home and we think the name is perfect! 



Hello Jake!  Jake is our AKC registered purebred Bernese Mountain dog that comes to us from Ohio!  Jake is our stud muffin for our Bernedoodle program.  He has passed all of his health testing and has already produced some gorgeous bernedoodles for us.  Jake is absolutely adored by his guardian home family Melissa, Warren and their little ones.  He lives on an acreage not far from us where he has all the room he needs!



Greetings Gary! This gorgeous guy is a tri color  F1B Bernedoodle who joined our program all the way from Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles in Colorado.  He has passed all his health testing and has a litter of puppies due any day now.  We cant wait to meet them!  Gary lives with his amazing guardian home family not too far away from us.  Les, Carla, Madi and Mackenzie love him to bits!  He’s a lucky fella!