Labradoodle breeders Alberta, Our doodles at the dog park in Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to Davidson Doodles.  We are a small, family based Australian Labradoodle and Australian Bernedoodle breeder located in central Alberta in Edmonton.  Our breeding moms lives with us, in our house, with our other doodles.  Some of our breeding doodles live in guardian homes where they are all being treated like royalty, as they should be!  Even though we are doodle breeders, all of our doodles are members of our family.  They play in the water with our kids, they all come camping with us.  Raising these precious doodle puppies in a family setting is what we feel is most important in providing well adjusted, kid and family friendly puppies to their forever homes.  

     Of course the health of our doodle puppies is equally important.  All of our breeding doodles have undergone and passed all the testing required by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, and then some, prior to becoming a mom or dad.  The boys that "honeymoon" with our girls undergo the same testing.  A Davidson Doodle will only be bred with a boy or girl who has passed all testing required by the ALAA.  This enables our families to feel comfortable knowing that everything possible has been done to guarantee a healthy new family member, free of any serious illnesses or certain genetic defects.  

Davidson Doodles labradoodles walk in the park

Labradoodles and Bernedoodles are extremely intelligent, kid-friendly, gentle, loving dogs. They are quick learners and easy to train.  In addition, their non-shedding coats (Australian Labradoodles) make them an ideal family pet for households prone to allergies or asthma.  Although the Bernedoodles can be low shedders, many will be non shedding as well.

     Have a look through the rest of our website, and check back often as we update it regularly.  Contact me if you have any questions.